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Doctors Shouldn’t Believe Everything they Read …

More evidence that catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation is of questionable value…  The studies were cherry picked:

“The results suggest citation bias, which can exaggerate the perceived effectiveness of an intervention and create “a false belief system among the scientific community,” the authors wrote.

“I was not entirely surprised with the findings, but this is the first time such a formal analysis has been done for cardiovascular therapies,” Turakhia told MedPage Today.

Cardiovascular therapies may be vulnerable because their uptake by physicians can be very rapid despite limited or heterogeneous data, Turakhia said.

“The current American Stroke Association/American Heart Association guidelines say that, because of the variable success rate of ablation and because a lot of patients who are ablated still have subclinical or silent AF, we can’t assume definitive treatment from a stroke prevention standpoint,” he told MedPage Today. “It’s controversial, but that’s the standard of care currently.”


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